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The Bloodline

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Morningstar Dynasty represents two old-world German bloodlines of superb genetics and rare beauty. Lucifer and Lilith, the progenitors of the Morningstar Dynasty, are the epitome of loyal, confident and beautiful GSDs. These bloodlines are true workers which are used in protection/police/military needs around the world. They have the brains and nerves to do a real job. They have the guts to withstand pressure from “the bad guy” and stay in the fight until the subject is subdued. They love to work and are confident and therefore not phased by different environments, loud noises or gunfire. These genetics produce dogs that are smarter than most dog owners, and therefore are not suitable for everyone. 

Lucifer Morningstar Fuchs

Lucifer Morningstar Fuchs epitomizes masculinity, grace, stable solid nerves, absolutely breathtaking structure, and perfect health.

He is a German Shepherd bred to the FCI standard for the true German breed - genetically tested, temperament tested, boasting work titles, and breed-surveyed bloodlines. In short, he's the epitome of everything you could ever hope for in a German Shepherd.

It took breeder Jeannette Kempkes and trainer Michael Kempkes over ten years of planning and selective breeding of carefully selected highest-level titled bloodlines to create this flawless jet-black beauty.

Lana met Lucifer, and it was love at first sight. Even as an untrained 6-month-old puppy, Lucifer came with a hefty price tag, making him the most expensive German Shepherd puppy in the world. Lucifer has been and continues to be trained specifically for Lana since the age of 6 months. Lana has taken God’s favorite son to a different level of love and care. As dark as midnight and as vicious as hell, Lucifer is the ultimate companion, protector, and friend to Lana.


Lilith Morningstar Fuchs


When Lucifer turned one, Lana decided to find a comparable female, and a worldwide search began for a perfect jet-black female worthy of Lucifer. One year later, Lilith Morningstar Fuchs was located and imported from Germany by Michael Kempkes of Wustenberger-Land K9s. Lili, an 

Altdeutscher Schaferhund (Old style German Shepherd) is a magnificent jet black long-haired beauty with exceptional genetics from highly titled German bloodlines. Lilith is a rare beauty with spectacular structure, substantial bone mass, and a graceful feminine face. Her agility, prey drive, and bite work are very impressive, even at a very young age.


Overall, the Morningstar Dynasty's lavish lifestyle is truly awe-inspiring, and it's clear that these lucky dogs are most certainly the most indulged pups in the world. After gaining a massive following on social media with fans curious about every part of their lives, Canine Chronicles was born. This is a segment of the Lana Live Show featuring all dog-related topics, including health & wellness, nutrition, training, mental health, well-being, and other essential aspects of a dog’s life.

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We're planning to bring the most anticipated litter of black German shepherds in the world! If you're interested in getting on the waiting list to be one of the first people to own one of these magnificent pups, print and return the completed application to our email at: to be considered!

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