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The Most Expensive Dog In The World

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Luci and Lili live life to the fullest enjoying their homes in Las Vegas and Park City, while being treated like the canine royalty they are. They travel constantly with their mom Lana; flying private everywhere they go, ensuring they are always comfortable and relaxed during their travels. Their private jet is equipped with all the latest amenities, including comfortable beds and plenty of space to stretch out and relax.


Exercise & Bitework

Their ongoing obedience and bite work training is second to none, as is their workout schedule; Lucifer and Lilith both run twice per day on their treadmill to ensure optimum physical fitness and cardiovascular health. Moreover, Luci and Lili are also highly trained in personal protection through bi-weekly bite work training. They absolutely love these sessions because not only does it help maintain their physical and mental health, but it also provides them with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

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Spaw Care

Lana’s commitment to Luci and Lili is evident in every exquisite part of them, from their well defined muscles and the sparkle of their perfectly white teeth to every hair of their magnificent jet black mane. Luci and Lili are treated to daily spa services, which include everything from massages to facials. They also have a vet tech who comes in every day to brush their teeth and ensure they are in excellent health.

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