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In March of 2021, I lost my beloved Louie (a teacup poodle), who was the love of my life and best friend for ten years. He passed suddenly without warning because of alleged dilated cardiomyopathy leading to congestive heart failure. Neither his vet nor the animal emergency hospital could save him. To say that I was heartbroken and devastated would be a gross understatement. However, at some point in my grief, I realized that I needed paws in my life.

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After extensive research, I decided on exactly what I wanted, and as if by magic, I found Lucifer at a German breeder/trainer couple in Southern California. Bred to the German world FCI standard for the true German Shepherd, genetically tested, temperament tested, work title and breed surveyed bloodlines, Lucifer is jet black, German-bred, one-of-a-kind German Shepherd, with impeccable, carefully selected bloodlines, and the culmination of 10 years of planning to produce. Even as a 6-month-old puppy, Lucifer was the epitome of masculinity, strong, stable nerves, a perfect German Shepherd aloof personality, breathtaking structure, and perfect health. His temperament was exactly like mine. It was love at first sight and an ideal match. Technically, the breeder/trainer couple planned to keep Lucifer for themselves as the breeder’s personal protection dog and stud, who would be trained by the husband, a world-renowned German Shepherd trainer. I am not someone who takes no for an answer, and I always get what I want without exception. I wanted Lucifer and was willing to pay a very high price. There was no negotiation. They named their price, and Lucifer was mine.
I named this gorgeous baby black beast Lucifer because, like his namesake, he brought light back into my life after the loss of my beloved Louie. From the time Lucifer was 6 months old, he was custom trained specifically for me by his trainer and a top-notch team of decoys. First once per week, then and now once every 2 weeks, the trainer and decoys fly out to my house either in Vegas or Park City and we work with Lucifer on obedience, bite work, and more. Lucifer has become my best friend and goes everywhere with me as a fully trained and accredited service dog. While nothing will replace my Louie, Lucifer has become my Morningstar and furry angel who makes me smile every minute of every day.

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I felt like I had made some mistakes with Louie, listening too much to the vet and feeding him a combination of prescription kibble and the food we cooked for him at home. I firmly believe that it was that diet and over-vaccination that led to his untimely death. I decided that I was not going to make the same mistake twice and began researching and reading everything I could get my hands on regarding proper German Shepherd nutrition and well-being, vaccines, and everything else. Along with some helpful advice from the breeder/trainer couple I got Lucifer from and input from experts I hired initially to help me scientifically formulate Lucifer’s diet, I created my version of the prey raw model diet that I call the Lucifer protocol.


When Lucifer turned one, I decided to add a jet-black, long-coat female German Shepherd to the family and the future Mrs. Lucifer Morningstar. Again, I reached out to the same breeder/trainer couple with very specific requirements for my female. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack, but I was willing to wait as long as it took and pay almost any price for her. A year later, Lilith, our beautiful baby beast, arrived. She is both sweet and fierce, cuddly and ferocious. Even as a young puppy, she demonstrates a very high prey drive and agility that is second to none. She is also being trained once every two weeks.


This is how the Morningstar Dynasty was born. Lucifer and Lilith live a fabulous life in Las Vegas and Park City. They are the babies of our family and are treated like the canine royalty they are. They always travel with us and even have their own luggage. They usually go with me everywhere, and if, for some reason, I have to leave them at home for a few hours, there are always nannies who love them and watch them. I believe this is very important because dogs, especially German Shepherds, are pack animals and love to be around humans and get sad and lonely when left alone for too long. They can develop separation anxiety and aggressive behavior if that continues. These traits can be passed down to their offspring. In fact, genetics plays a key role in every aspect of dogs as much as it does in humans. It has been discovered by science that those people and animals that eat healthy and exercise are more likely to produce healthier offspring. Scientists call this process developmental programming. They suspect it depends on both the environment inside a mother’s womb during pregnancy and on epigenetics. I, however, believe that nutrigenomics is equally, if not more important, than epigenetics and plays a vital role in the offspring of humans and animals. Epigenetics is the study of how a person’s or animal’s behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way their genes work. Unlike genetic changes, epigenetic changes are reversible and do not change the DNA sequence, but they can change how the body reads a DNA sequence. Nutrigenomics is the study of how food affects a person or animal’s genes and how those genes affect the way the body responds to food. Nutrigenomics is used to learn more about how genes and diet may affect a person’s or animal’s health and risk of developing diseases, such as cancer.
As a part of The Lucifer Protocol, Lucifer and Lilith are on my version of the prey raw model diet and exercise twice daily. Lucifer works out twice per day every day. He currently runs a total of 7.5 to 8 miles per day on his treadmill, running 9.8 miles per hour at a 10 incline. Lilith is presently 5 months and just started walking on the treadmill at 3.0 miles per hour for 10 minutes twice per day. There’s much more to the Lucifer protocol, but I’ll leave that for another time.


The Morningstar Dynasty is something that is very near and dear to my heart, and I plan on breeding the majestic Lucifer and the beautiful Lilith when she turns 2 1/2. Their puppies will be unlike any other German Shepherds in the world, and of course, I plan on keeping one male and one female for myself.

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